Rules and regulations

1. Every Slow Move client is obliged to read, accept and abide by the following rules.. In the case of minors, this is applicable to legal guardians.
2. Signing up for a class is considered a reservation.
3. When signing up for a class the client should provide her full name, telephone number, e-mail address and the name and time of the chosen activities along with the preferred form of payment.
4. A prospective client can sign up at the Slow Move reception desk personally, by phone or by e-mail.
5. All costs are listed in the Slow Move price list.
6. Only paying clients can attend classes.
7. A reservation is secured by purchasing a subscription card.
8. Before each class the client is expected to present her subscription card at the Slow Move reception desk or buy a one-time admittance.
9. All subscription cards are personal and cannot be used by a third party.
10. All subscription cards have a due date, after which they will not be considered.
11. In case of the client’s absence or their resignation, subscription cards are non-refundable.
12. It is not possible to prolong the validity of a subscription card in the case of absence.
13. If the client contacts Slow Move at least 24 hours before her class and informs of her absence, she can make up for the lost class by attending a different one of her choice, if there is an available spot. This can be done once for the whole duration of the subscription card.
14. By purchasing a subscription card or a one-time admittance, class participants confirm they have no medical contraindications to perform
physical activities and are participating in all classes on their own responsibility.
15. Before the first class each client must sign an admission card.
16. Instructors must be informed of any injuries, and medical problems prior to the class.
17. Slow Move does not insure the participants from any accidents.
18. The maximum number of participants per group is 5 persons. In the case of a full group, the participant list will be closed.
19. There is a minimum of 3 participants for a group to exist.
20. In the case of the instructor’s absence, SLOW MOVE can choose a substitute trainer without informing the participants first.
21. SLOW MOVE reserves the right to call off classes. The payment will be accounted for the next class.
22. SLOW MOVE reserves the right to change its schedule and instructors, close down a group and change its price list.
23. Keeping in mind the safety and comfort of other participants, clients who come in late will not be admitted to class.
24. We kindly ask you to not use your phone while in class.
25. We kindly ask you to not bring food or sweet and warm liquids into class space.
26. The client, after leaving her subscription card at the Slow Move reception desk will receive the key to one of the lockers in the changing room.
27. Losing or breaking the key to the locker will result in a chargé of 30 zł.
28. SLOW MOVE cannot be held accountable for valuables left in the changing room, lockers or any other room of the studio.
29. Persons who are guilty of demolishing the studio’s property will be held responsible for the losses.
30. We kindly ask you to not film, record or photograph the classes without the instructor’s permission.
31. SLOW MOVE reserves the right to pass on information to its clients via e-mail.